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One Board Short from Mark E. Trent on Vimeo.

Live looping, live sampling, and live octave-izing madness turned this song into a realtime, one fiddle show. Written and named in honor of Adam’s barn. Directed, filmed, and edited by Mark Trent. Additional camera work by Chris McMillion. Lights by Devin Preston. Music by Adam DeGraff. Performance by Adam DeGraff using the following:

David Gage’s 5 String Realist Pro Violin
D’Addario’s Helicore Strings
Shar’s Presto Impulse Carbon Fiber Bow
William Salchow Rosin
Live sampling and effects with Ableton Live 9 Software
Soft Step Foot Controllers by Keith McMillian
Line 6 G50 Wireless
Converse Laceless Chucks for sure-footedness
RME UCX Interface
MacBook Pro by Apple

Everything Adam DeGraff:
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Recording session with NOMADIX, Brandyn Ink’dup Dayne and Boss Carrot.

Brooklyn, New York

Sad news on loss of @furoche. Such a good dude. He always had time to talk and loved kicking around ideas. He invited me to go out on the road with him and I wish I would have taken him up on the offer. Fly high dude.


Yesterday, we sent six Instagrammers to Cape Cod to climb 264 feet up a wind turbine. Follow #GEInstaWalk or visit to live the experience. Photos above captured by Mark Trent

Some photos I shot in Cape Cod for General Electric. 

Photographs from the Young Prince Music Video Shoot in Queens, New York. Directed by Jordan Taylor. DP Mark E. Trent 

Rainelle Motor Lodge, Rainelle, West Virginia. 

Patrick and I have been working on a  photo series for a few years now. This week he turned twenty-five.  I am proud of this guy and can not wait to see the great things he will accomplish. 

Congrats Lil’ Red. 

Girl, Ridgewood, NY

Community Forum, Rainelle, West Virginia. 

Savannah, GA

My friend. Rainelle, West Virginia 

Ronceverte, West Virginia

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